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Civil engineering construction


In the discipline of civil engineering, we provide site formation works, landslip preventive and remedial works to slopes and retaining walls, and road works and drainage services:

Site formation

Site formation works are performed to prepare a construction site for subsequent works for foundation and superstructure. They generally involve the clearance of construction site, demolition of existing structures, excavation to the design formation and/or basement level, reduction and stabilisation of existing slopes, and associated infrastructure works (which include construction of road, drainage, sewage and water works).

Landslip preventive and remedial works to slopes and retaining walls

LPM works involve slope stabilisation and upgrading works, which include engineering inspection, retaining wall and check dam construction, cut and fill slope, soil nailing, rock dowel and rock bolt installation, flexible barrier construction, surface drainage construction, slope surface treatment with high pressure grouting and spraying and landscaping.

Roads and drainage works

Roads and drainage works include construction of road interchange, carriageway and walkway, footbridge and traffic link bridge, road improvement and widening works, flood prevention works, construction of drainage channel, outfall pipe, box culvert and pumping station, and associated landscaping, utilities diversion as well as electrical and mechanical works.