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Foundation works


Foundation works form the lowest and supporting parts of most construction works in Hong Kong. Quality of foundation works is essential to the safety of buildings, as superstructure works are constructed over and performed on top of the foundation works. Problems of sub-standard piling works affect building safety.

Foundations can be classified as shallow and deep foundations, depending on the depth of load-transfer from the structure to the ground. The definition of shallow foundations varies according to different standards. In Hong Kong, embedment depth of three metres (3 m) is generally adopted to define shallow foundations. Bored piles, socketed H-piles and mini-piles are more commonly used foundation works methods in Hong Kong.

Foundation works delivered by our Company include bored piles, driven H-piles, socketed H-piles, mini-piles, footing foundation and pile caps. Different foundation works are used depending on the superstructure to be constructed (e.g. high-rise buildings against small structures), nature and occurrence of rocks and soils at the construction site, environmental protection consideration, neighbourhood of the construction site, costs and other features.