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The Company’s service is project based. Project management is critical. The Company carries out business operations in line with its IMS, based on the ISO9001, which establishes a framework to maintain a quality management system. Establishment of a Project Manager, a Design Manager and a Quality Safety Health and Environmental (QSHE) Manager, with well-defined duties, facilitates system implementation and delivers excellent services to our clients.


A Project Manager who is responsible to assess projects, allocate resources and develop IMS Project Plans. Where applicable, inspection activities are conducted. To further optimising operational quality and efficiency, a monitoring and measurement equipment list is maintained. The list details records of measuring result and equipment status.


A Design Manager who is accountable for planning and controlling the design as well as the development of the projects shall review the projects and manage the interface between persons and departments involved in the purpose of effective communication. 


Additionally, A QSHE Manager assesses customer satisfaction through continuous meeting result, customer complaint, and the number of nonconformity.