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Health and safety always remain at the forefront of the Company’s concerns, along with our aims at continuous reduction of accidents in terms of both severity and frequency. By implementing OHSAS 18001, which is an internationally recognised occupational, health and safety management system, the Company demonstrates conformity with relevant occupational health and safety standard, monitors performance, identifies risks, implements programmes and continually improves the system. Under the management system, adequate supervision is provided to ensure safety policy and measures are effectively executed. Auditing is carried out so as to check performance against agreed standards to find out betterment areas. On the other hand, employees are required to attend safety training courses and regularly renew permits. They are encouraged to attend seminars on safety and health issues, for instance, requirements on working in times of inclement weather, healthy life style and so on.


The Company is committed to ascertain that employees, business partners and clients are safe. Preventing work-related accidents and health injury are of paramount importance. To pursuing safety at working environments, the Company will encourage our engineers to seek safer designs and construction methods, or try to introduce innovation in safety trainings.